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Looking to make a film but need a little help with the paperwork? We’ve painstakingly searched the internets and collected 588 free forms and contracts to help get you started.

Now before we start, everyone repeat after me: “THIS ARTICLE IS NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR PROPER LEGAL ADVICE”

You probably won’t need all of these forms for your production, but hopefully this article will remind you the “boring” parts of filmmaking are just as important as everything else.

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2 Column Corporate Template .rtf (Sonnyboo)
SCREENPLAY TEMPLATES .dot (Sonnyboo)!Script Template for Word .doc (Dependent Films)
Screenwriting Collaboration .doc (Imaginary Digital)
Script Agreement .doc (Imaginary Digital)
Script Maker .doc (Dependent Films)
Sample Script Agreement .txt (Dependent Films)
Simply Screenplay .doc (Dependent Films)
Literary Option & Purchase .pdf (Sonnyboo)
USE OF LITERARY MATERIAL.doc (Scene 17 Pictures)


AFTRA Agency Information (Update Form) (FilmContracts.net)
AFTRA Late Waiver Form (FilmContracts.net)
Exclusive Agency Contract “Exhibit C” (FilmContracts.net)
Exclusive Agency Contract “Exhibit C-1″ (Commercials Only) (FilmContracts.net)

2004-2005 Basic Agreement Rate Card (DGA) (FilmContracts.net)
2004-2005 Commercial Rate Card (DGA) (FilmContracts.net)
2004-2005 FLTTA Rate Card (DGA) (FilmContracts.net)
2004-2005 Interim Settlement Agreement Rate Card (DGA) (FilmContracts.net)
Basic Agreement of 2002 (DGA) (FilmContracts.net)
DGA Industrial Supplement to the National Commercial Agreement of 2005 (DGA) (FilmContracts.net)
Documentary Provisions (DGA) (FilmContracts.net)
Employment Data Report (DGA/DGC) (FilmContracts.net)
Experimental Films Signatory Forms Package (DGA) (FilmContracts.net)
Freelance Live And Tape Television Agreement of 2002 (DGA) (FilmContracts.net)
Internet Pictures Sideletter (DGA) (FilmContracts.net)
Live & Tape Television Signatory Forms Package (DGA) (FilmContracts.net)
Low Budget Sideletter (DGA) (FilmContracts.net)
Low Budget Theatrical Film Forms Package (DGA) (FilmContracts.net)
Multi-Camera Prime-Time Dramatic Television Forms Package (DGA) (FilmContracts.net)
National Commercial Agreement of 2001 (DGA) (FilmContracts.net)
Reality Agreement Key Points (DGA) (FilmContracts.net)
Single-Camera Television Forms Package (DGA) (FilmContracts.net)
Television Movie or Mini-Series Forms Package (DGA) (FilmContracts.net)
Theatrical Film Forms Package (DGA) (FilmContracts.net)

2003 DGC Collective Agreement (DGC British Columbia) (FilmContracts.net)
2003 DGC Standard Agreement (DGC Atlantic) (FilmContracts.net)
2003 DGC Standard Agreement (DGC Manitoba) (FilmContracts.net)
2003 DGC Standard Agreement (DGC Ontario) (FilmContracts.net)
2003 DGC Standard Agreement (DGC Saskatchewan) (FilmContracts.net)
2003 Standard Agreement (DGC Alberta) (FilmContracts.net)
2003 Standard Agreement (DGC) (FilmContracts.net)
2003 Standard Agreement – Directors (DGC) (FilmContracts.net)
2003 Standard Agreement Core Schedules (DGC) (FilmContracts.net)
Employment Data Report (DGA/DGC) (FilmContracts.net)

Composer (as Contractor) / Producer Model Agreement (GCFC) (FilmContracts.net)

IATSE Local 891 Master Agreement (FilmContracts.net)

Preliminary Information Sheet for the Student and Short Film Agreements .pdf (SAG)
Preliminary Information Sheet for the Ultra-Low Budget, Modified Low Budget, and Low Budget Agreements .pdf (SAG)
2001-2005 Contract Summary Theatrical Motion Pictures & TV (SAG) (FilmContracts.net)
2002-2005 Codified Industrial & Educational Contract (SAG) (FilmContracts.net)
2002-2005 Codified Industrial & Educational Contract Digest (SAG) (FilmContracts.net)
2003-2006 Commercials Audition Overtime Rate (SAG) (FilmContracts.net)
2003-2006 Commercials Contract (SAG) (FilmContracts.net)
2003-2006 Commercials Contract Cable Weights (SAG) (FilmContracts.net)
2003-2006 Commercials Contract Digest (SAG) (FilmContracts.net)
2005 Agreement: Independent Motion Picture, TV Producers & SAG (FilmContracts.net)
Preliminary Information Sheet for the Student and Short Film Agreements .pdf (SAG)
Preliminary Information Sheet for the Ultra-Low Budget, Modified Low Budget, and Low Budget Agreements .pdf (SAG)
SAG Daily Contract .doc (Imaginary Digital)
SAG Production Time Report .doc (Imaginary Digital)

Interactive Program Contract 2004 (SAG) (FilmContracts.net)
Low Budget Agreement (SAG) (FilmContracts.net)
Low Budget Agreement Fact Sheet (SAG) (FilmContracts.net)
Made-for Internet Contract 2004 (SAG) (FilmContracts.net)
TV Short-Form Writers Lending Agreement – MOW & Mini-Series (SAG) (FilmContracts.net)
Writers Television Short-Form Contract – MOW & Mini-Series (SAG) (FilmContracts.net)
Writers Theatrical Short-Form Contract – For Employees (SAG) (FilmContracts.net)
Writers Theatrical Short-Form Contract – For Loan-Outs (SAG) (FilmContracts.net)

Animation Notice of Intended Writing Credits (WGC) (FilmContracts.net)
Independent Production Agreement (WGC)
Notice of Engagement (WGC) (FilmContracts.net)
Notice of Intended Writing Credits (WGC) (FilmContracts.net)
Option Agreement (WGC) (FilmContracts.net)
Standard Story Editor’s Agreement (WGC) (FilmContracts.net)
Standard Writer’s Agreement (S) (FilmContracts.net

Confidentiality Agreement (ISP Group Inc)
General Proxy (ISP Group Inc)
Non-Disclosure Agreement 1 (ISP Group Inc)
Non-Disclosuere Agreement 2 (ISP Group Inc)
N.D.A. .pdf (Sonnyboo)
AICP Production Estimate Form .xls (AICP)
Quick Notary Form (ISP Group Inc)
Standard Commercial Production Agreement (AICP)
Spec Production Deal (don’t “spec” to get paid”) (ISP Group Inc
Production Agreement 1 (ISP Group Inc)
Production Agreement 2 (ISP Group Inc)
Producer Contract (ISP Group Inc)
Producer’s Royalty Attachment (ISP Group Inc)

Business Entity Comparison Chart (Mark Litwak)
Company Formation Steps (Mark Litwak)
Checklist for Corporate Formation (Mark Litwak)
Corporate Bylaws (ISP Group Inc)
General Partnership Agreement – Microsoft Word .doc (NBFC)
General Partnership Agreement (ISP Group Inc)
Joint Venture Agreement 1 (ISP Group Inc)
Limited Partnership Agreement (ISP Group Inc)
Limited Partnership Agreement- Microsoft Word .doc (NBFC)
Questionnaire for Drafting Organizational Documents of a California LLC (Mark Litwak)

Feature Film Offering (ISP Group Inc)
Investment Memorandum (ISP Group Inc)
Investor Suitability (ISP Group Inc)

Canadian Tax Credit Information .pdf (VancouverFilmProduction.com)

Assistant Director Film Deal Memo (FilmContracts.net)
Cast Deal Memo (FilmContracts.net)
Cast/Deal Memo .doc (VancouverFilmProduction.com)
Catering Deal Memo .doc (Imaginary Digital)
Catering Schedule .doc (Imaginary Digital)
Consulting Agreement (ISP Group Inc)
Crew Deal Memo (FilmContracts.net)
Crew/Deal Memo .doc (VancouverFilmProduction.com)
CREW DEAL MEMO.doc (Scene 17 Pictures)
Deal Memo .doc (Imaginary Digital)
Deferred Payment .doc (Imaginary Digital)
DEFERRED PAY CONTRACT.doc (Scene 17 Pictures)
Director Deal Memorandum (FilmContracts.net)
DIRECTOR DEAL MEMORANDUM.doc (Scene 17 Pictures)
Director of Photography Deal Memo (FilmContracts.net)
DP Deal Memo .pdf (AICP)
Executive Employment Agreement (ISP Group Inc)
Photographer Work For Hire (ISP Group Inc)
Sample Compensation Contract .txt (Dependent Films)
Unit Production Manager Deal Memo (FilmContracts.net)
Writers Deal Memo (FilmContracts.net)
Writers/Deal Memo .doc (VancouverFilmProduction.com)
Writing Team Deal Memo (FilmContracts.net)
WRITING TEAM DEAL MEMO.doc (Scene 17 Pictures)

P.P. Databases for your Palm Pilot (Dependent Films)
Sample Director’s Statement – .pdf (NBFC)

Breakdown Sheet .doc (VancouverFilmProduction.com)
Breakdown Sheet (FilmContracts.net)
Camera Shot List (1) (FilmContracts.net)
Camera Shot List (2) (FilmContracts.net)
Camera Shot List (3) (FilmContracts.net)
Cinematography Pre-Production Checklist (FilmContracts.net)
Day of Days .doc (VancouverFilmProduction.com)
Director’s Worksheet (FilmContracts.net)
Distribution List (FilmContracts.net)
Easy Script Breakdown .xls (Dependent Films)
Lighting Diagram (FilmContracts.net)
Makeup & Hairdressing Record (FilmContracts.net)
Production Requirement (FilmContracts.net)
Production Requirements Checklist (FilmContracts.net)
Script Breakdown .doc (Imaginary Digital)
Shot List (FilmContracts.net)
Shot Breakdown .doc (Imaginary Digital)
Storyboard (FilmContracts.net)
TV Storyboard (FilmContracts.net)

Broadcast documentary budget $15,000-$80,000 (DV Handbook)
Budget Estimate .doc (Imaginary Digital)
Budget_sheet.doc (Celtx)
Budget .doc (Imaginary Digital)
Commercial budget $2000 – $50,000 (DV Handbook)
DV feature film budget $25,000 – $100,000 (DV Handbook)
Film Budget .xls (Dependent Films)
Film Budget Top Sheet Template – Google Doc (Making the Movie)
Film Budget Top Sheet Template – Microsoft Excel .xls (Making the Movie)
Film Budget Top Sheet Template – Open Office .ods (Making the Movie)
Production Budgeting Proposal .pdf (Dependent Films)
Sample Budget .xls (Sonnyboo)

Cinematography Location Information Form (FilmContracts.net)
Filmmakers Code of Conduct for Public Lands (AICP)
Location Agreement .doc (Imaginary Digital)
Location Agreement .rtf (Sonnyboo)
Location Agreement (FilmContracts.net)
Location Code of Professional Responsibilty (AICP)
Location Contact List (FilmContracts.net)
Location Contract .pdf (Dependent Films)
Location Contract (FilmContracts.net)
Location Fact Sheet (FilmContracts.net)
Location Information .doc (Imaginary Digital)
Location Information Sheet (FilmContracts.net)
Location List .doc (Imaginary Digital)
Location List (FilmContracts.net)
Location reccy-form.pdf (Celtx)
Location Release Form (FilmContracts.net)
Location Scouting Sheet .pdf (Dependent Films)
Location Survey list (Celtx)
Location Survey .doc (Imaginary Digital)
Location Survey Check (FilmContracts.net)
Production Location Contract (FilmContracts.net)
Production Location Release (FilmContracts.net)
Sample Location Contract .txt (Dependent Films)Scouting Report (FilmContracts.net)

Client E&O Insurance Questionnaire (Mark Litwak)
Insurance Claim Automobile .doc (Imaginary Digital)
Insurance Claim Theft .doc (Imaginary Digital)
Insurance Claim .doc (Imaginary Digital)
Insurance Claim Worksheet Automobile Accident (FilmContracts.net)
Insurance Claim Worksheet Damage (FilmContracts.net)
Insurance Claim Worksheet Personal (FilmContracts.net)
Insurance Claim Worksheet Theft (FilmContracts.net)
INSRDMG.DOT (Scene 17 Pictures)
INSRTHFT.DOT (Scene 17 Pictures)
aicp.next New Media Contracts and Riders (AICP)
Negative Insurance Riders .doc (AICP)

StoryBoard Tools .zip (Dependent Films)
Widescreen .gif (Dependent Films)
Standard Ratio .gif (Dependent Films)
Standard Ratio w/ Overhead Plan .gif (Dependent Films)
Standard Ratio w/ Detailed Angle .pdf (Dependent Films)
Standard Ratio: Simplistic .pdf (Dependent Films)
Storyboard Overhead .gif (Imaginary Digital)
Storyboard Shots .jpg (Imaginary Digital)
Storyboard Standard .gif (Imaginary Digital)
Storyboard Wide .gif (Imaginary Digital)

MOVIE MAKING FYI.doc (Scene 17 Pictures)
Production Meeting .doc (Imaginary Digital)
SMPTE Color Bars (Dependent Films)
Time Code Calculator .zip (Dependent Films)
Vid Prompturn your computer screen into a teleprompter .zip (Dependent Films)

Amount Received (FilmContracts.net)
Cash or Sales Receipt (FilmContracts.net)
cash reciept.DOT (Scene 17 Pictures)
Check Request (FilmContracts.net)
check request.DOT (Scene 17 Pictures)
Check’s In The Mail (FilmContracts.net)
check in the mail.DOT (Scene 17 Pictures
Daily Cost Overview (FilmContracts.net)
Demand Promissory Note (FilmContracts.net)
Individual Petty Cash Account (FilmContracts.net)
Invoice (FilmContracts.net)
INVOICE.doc (Scene 17 Pictures)
Meal Allowance (FilmContracts.net)
Mileage Log Passenger List (FilmContracts.net)
Notice of Assignment & Acknowledgement By Account Debtor (FilmContracts.net)
Petty Cash Accounting (FilmContracts.net)
Petty Cash Accounting .doc (Imaginary Digital)
Petty Cash Individual .doc (Imaginary Digital)
Petty Cash Recieved.DOT (Scene 17 Pictures)
petty cash.DOT (Scene 17 Pictures)
Production Advance Request (FilmContracts.net)
Project Charge Record (FilmContracts.net)
Promissory Note (FilmContracts.net)
Purchase Order (FilmContracts.net)
Purchase Order Log (FilmContracts.net)
PURCHASE ORDER.doc (Scene 17 Pictures)
Received of Petty Cash (FilmContracts.net)
Timecard.DOT (Scene 17 Pictures)
Time Cards / Invoices Weekly Check-Off List (FilmContracts.net)

Meal Allowance (FilmContracts.net)
Special Camera Rigging Authorization (FilmContracts.net)

Call Sheet .rtf (Sonnyboo)
Call Sheet 1 .doc (Imaginary Digital)
Call Sheet 2 .doc (Imaginary Digital)
Call Sheet .xls (Dependent Films)
Call Sheet Cast (FilmContracts.net)
Call Sheet Cast & Crew (FilmContracts.net)
Call Sheet Template .pdf (Dependent Films)
Call Sheet .doc (VancouverFilmProduction.com)

Actor Contract .doc (Sonnyboo)
Actor Player Casting Agreement (FilmContracts.net)
Actor/Non-Union Agreement .doc (VancouverFilmProduction.com)
Actors Production Time Report (FilmContracts.net)
Basic Actor Info Shet .rtf (Sonnyboo)
Call Sheet Cast (FilmContracts.net)
Call Sheet Cast & Crew (FilmContracts.net)
Cast Contact List (FilmContracts.net)
Cast Contact Sheet .xls (Dependent Films)
Cast Data Report Low Budget (FilmContracts.net)
Cast Deal Memo (FilmContracts.net)
Cast Information (FilmContracts.net)
Cast Information Sheet .doc (Imaginary Digital)
Cast List (FilmContracts.net)
Cast List Final Information Sheet (FilmContracts.net)
Cast Member Production Evaluation (FilmContracts.net)
Cast Scene Number Breakdown (FilmContracts.net)
CAST SHEET.doc (Scene 17 Pictures)
Casting Assessment .doc (Imaginary Digital)
Casting Data Report (FilmContracts.net)
Casting Data Report (Stunt Performers Only) (FilmContracts.net)
castinginfo.doc (Scene 17 Pictures)
Casting Sign In .doc (Imaginary Digital)
Casting Sheet (FilmContracts.net)
Day Out Of Days (FilmContracts.net)
Day out of Day.DOT (Scene 17 Pictures)
Day Performer Contract Theatrical Motion Pictures (FilmContracts.net)
Day Performer Contract TV Motion Pictures or Videotape (FilmContracts.net)
Director/Deal Memo .doc (VancouverFilmProduction.com)
Directors Agreement .doc (VancouverFilmProduction.com)
Drive-To (FilmContracts.net)
Drive To.DOT (Scene 17 Pictures)
Final Cast List SAG-UBCP (FilmContracts.net)
Freelance Actors Contract (FilmContracts.net)
Freelance Performer Agreement (FilmContracts.net)
Independent Contractor Agreement: Live Models (FilmContracts.net)
Minimum 3-Day Contract TV Motion Pictures or Videotape (FilmContracts.net)
Minimum Freelance Contract Theatrical Motion Pictures (FilmContracts.net)
Minimum Freelance Weekly Contract TV or Videotapet (FilmContracts.net)
Nudity Rider for Casting Agreement (FilmContracts.net)
Performer Contract Interactive Programming (FilmContracts.net)
Performer’s Videocassette Release (FilmContracts.net)
Screen Actors Sign In Sheet (FilmContracts.net)
Talent Audition Sheet (FilmContracts.net)

Cinematography Pre-Production Checklist (FilmContracts.net)
DOP Checklist (Celtx)
Drive-To (FilmContracts.net)
Equipment Checklist .doc (Imaginary Digital)
Equipment List .xls (Dependent Films)
Field Equipment Checklist (FilmContracts.net)
LA Fire Department Spot Check Sheet .pdf (AICP)
Permit Checklist (AICP)
Producers Pre-Production Checklist (Celtx)
Producer Production Checklist (Celtx)
Production Requirements Checklist (FilmContracts.net)
Production Contract Checklist (Mark Litwak)
Production check list .pdf (VancouverFilmProduction.com)
Remote Shoot Checklist (FilmContracts.net)
Remote Survey Checklist (FilmContracts.net)
Time Cards / Invoices Weekly Check-Off List (FilmContracts.net)
Video Production Checklist (FilmContracts.net)

Camera Shot List (1) (FilmContracts.net)
Camera Shot List (2) (FilmContracts.net)
Camera Shot List (3) (FilmContracts.net)
Camera Shot List .pdf (Dependent Films)
Cinematography Pre-Production Checklist (FilmContracts.net)
Shot Log (FilmContracts.net)

Crew Contact List (FilmContracts.net)
Crew Contact Sheet .xls (Dependent Films)
Crew Info Sheet .doc (Imaginary Digital)
Crew Start-Up & Data Sheet (FilmContracts.net)
Director’s Inducement Letter (FilmContracts.net)
Employee Data.DOT (Scene 17 Pictures)
Freelance Contractor Agreement (FilmContracts.net)
Freelance Reference Data Input (FilmContracts.net)
Independent Contractor Agreement (FilmContracts.net)
Loanout Agreement (FilmContracts.net)
Loan Out Agreement .doc (VancouverFilmProduction.com)
loanout services.DOT (Scene 17 Pictures)Producer Agreement .rtf (Sonnyboo)
Producer Agreement (Short Form) (FilmContracts.net)
Producer Video Release & Contract (FilmContracts.net)

Box / Equipment Rental Inventory (FilmContracts.net)
Box Rent Inventory (FilmContracts.net)
Box Rent Inventory (2) (FilmContracts.net)
Drive-To (FilmContracts.net)
Drive-To (FilmContracts.net)
Field Equipment Checklist (FilmContracts.net)
inventory log.DOT (Scene 17 Pictures)
Maintenance Service Time (FilmContracts.net)
Remote Shoot Checklist (FilmContracts.net)
Remote Survey Checklist (FilmContracts.net)
Video Equipment Rental Agreement (FilmContracts.net)

Lighting Diagram (FilmContracts.net)

Additional Photography & Pick-Up Approval Form (FilmContracts.net)
Call Sheet Cast (FilmContracts.net)
Call Sheet Cast & Crew (FilmContracts.net)
Injury / Illness Report Form (FilmContracts.net)
Line Production Schedule .doc (Imaginary Digital)
Line Production Spreadsheet Excel (ISP Group Inc)
Production Record Form (FilmContracts.net)
Production Tracking Form (FilmContracts.net)
Production Vehicle Inspection Form Camera Truck (FilmContracts.net)
Production Vehicle Inspection Form Cube Truck (FilmContracts.net)
Production Vehicle Inspection Form Grip Truck (FilmContracts.net)
Production Vehicle Inspection Form Passenger Van (FilmContracts.net)
Production Vehicle Inspection Form Pickup Truck (FilmContracts.net)
Vehicle Rental Sheet (FilmContracts.net)
VEHICLE RENTAL SHEET.doc (Scene 17 Pictures)

Camera Department Shooting Log (FilmContracts.net)
Continuity Synopsis Sheet .xls (Dependent Films)
Continuityreport_daily.pdf (Celtx)
Continuitylogsheet-sheet.pdf (Celtx)
Continuity Notes .doc (Imaginary Digital)
Daily Cost Overview (FilmContracts.net)
Daily Continuity Log .xls (Dependent Films)
Daily Film Inventory (FilmContracts.net)
Daily Production Report .xls (Dependent Films)
Daily Production Report .doc (Imaginary Digital)
Daily Progress Report .xls (Dependent Films)
Daily Raw Stock Log (FilmContracts.net)
Hotel Room Log (FilmContracts.net)
Hotel room list.DOT (Scene 17 Pictures)
Hotel room log.DOT (Scene 17 Pictures)
HOTEL ROOM LOG.doc (Scene 17 Pictures)
Inventory Log (FilmContracts.net)
PaperRAW STOCK INVENTORY.doc (Scene 17 Pictures)work Distribution Log .doc (Imaginary Digital)
RAW STOCK INVENTORY.doc(Scene 17 Pictures)
Scene / Take Log (FilmContracts.net)
Script Supervisor Continuity Log (FilmContracts.net)
Script Supervisor Notes .xls (Dependent Films)
Script Sup Daily Log .doc (Imaginary Digital)
Script Sup Daily Wrap Reports .doc (Imaginary Digital)
Script Sup Notes .doc (Imaginary Digital)
Shot Log (FilmContracts.net)

Abbreviated Production Report (FilmContracts.net)
Actors Production Time Report (FilmContracts.net)
Camera Department Shooting Log (FilmContracts.net)
Camera Journal .gif (Dependent Films)
Daily Cost Overview (FilmContracts.net)
Daily Film Inventory (FilmContracts.net)
Daily Production Report (FilmContracts.net)
Daily Production Report (2) (FilmContracts.net)
Daily Production Report Contd. (FilmContracts.net)
DAILY PRODUCTION REPORT.doc (Scene 17 Pictures)
Daily Raw Stock Log (FilmContracts.net)
Film Camera Report (FilmContracts.net)
Final Cast List SAG-UBCP (FilmContracts.net)
Producer’s Weekly Post-Production Report (FilmContracts.net)
Producer’s Weekly Production Report (FilmContracts.net)
Production Report Reverse (FilmContracts.net)
Scene / Take Log (FilmContracts.net)
Script Supervisor Continuity Log (FilmContracts.net)
Shot Log (FilmContracts.net)
Taft Hartley Report (SAG/UBCP/ACTRA Extra) (FilmContracts.net)
Tape Log (FilmContracts.net)
Video Camera Report (FilmContracts.net)

Actor Release Form (FilmContracts.net)
Consent & Release Form (FilmContracts.net)
Crowd Release Notice .doc (Imaginary Digital)
Drive-To (FilmContracts.net)
General Release in .rtf (Video University)
General Release in txt (Video University)
Group Release (FilmContracts.net)
GROUP RELEASE.doc (Scene 17 Pictures)
Group Release Form (FilmContracts.net)
Group Release .doc (VancouverFilmProduction.com)
Likeness and Usage Agreement .doc (Imaginary Digital)
Location Relase Form .pdf (Dependent Films)
Location Release Form (FilmContracts.net)
Location Release in .rtf (Video University)
Location Release in txt (Video University)
Materials Release in .rtf (Video University)
Materials Release in txt (Video University)
Minor Information & Release Form (FilmContracts.net
Minor Release in .rtf (Video University)
Minor Release in txt (Video University)
Minor Release From School Form (FilmContracts.net)
Model Release Form 1 (ISP Group Inc)
Model Release Form 2 (ISP Group Inc)
Musician Release Form (FilmContracts.net)
MVPA Copyright Statement (ISP Group Inc)
Personal Release (FilmContracts.net)
Personal Release (2) (FilmContracts.net)
Personal Release .doc (Imaginary Digital)
Personal Release Form .pdf (Dependent Films)
Personal Release Payment (FilmContracts.net)
Photographic, Video, Film, Audio Recording Release Form (FilmContracts.net)
Photo Release .doc (Imaginary Digital)
Product Placement Release (FilmContracts.net)
Release & Authorization To Photograph or Otherwise Record (FilmContracts.net)
Release Film, Tape Footage (FilmContracts.net)
Sample Performer Release .txt (Dependent Films)
Still Photography Licence Agreement .doc (VancouverFilmProduction.com)
Submission Release (FilmContracts.net)
Supplying A Film/Tape Clip (Promotional Purposes) (FilmContracts.net)
Talent Release Form (FilmContracts.net)
Talent Release Form .pdf (Dependent Films)
Talent Release in .rtf (Video University)
Talent Release in txt (Video University)
Talent Use Of Name & Likeness In A Film or TV Clip (FilmContracts.net)
Use Of Literary Material (FilmContracts.net)
Use Of Name (FilmContracts.net)
Use of Name .doc (Imaginary Digital)
USE OF NAME.doc (Scene 17 Pictures)
Use Of Still Photograph (FilmContracts.net)
Use Of Still Photograph (2) (FilmContracts.net)
Use Of Still Photograph (3) (FilmContracts.net)
Use Of Still Photograph (4) (FilmContracts.net)
USE OF STILL PHOTOGRAPH.doc (Scene 17 Pictures)
USE OF TRADEMARK OR LOGO.doc (Scene 17 Pictures)
Use of Trademark or Logo (FilmContracts.net)
Use of Still Photograph(s) – Microsoft Word .dot (NBFC)
Use of Trademark or Logo – Microsoft Word .dot (NBFC)
Videocassette Release (FilmContracts.net)

Check Request (FilmContracts.net)
Cheque Request .doc (VancouverFilmProduction.com)
Digital Effects Request Form (FilmContracts.net)
Hair / Makeup Artist Request Form (FilmContracts.net)
Meal Allowance (FilmContracts.net)
meal allowance.DOT (Scene 17 Pictures)
Production Advance Request (FilmContracts.net)
Request For Delivery (FilmContracts.net)
request for delivery.DOT (Scene 17 Pictures)
request for item pickup.DOT (Scene 17 Pictures)
Request For Pick Up (FilmContracts.net)
Request For Videocassette (FilmContracts.net)
request for video tape.DOT (Scene 17 Pictures)
Request To Film During Extended Hours (FilmContracts.net)
request to film extra hours.DOT (Scene 17 Pictures)
Special Camera Rigging Authorization (FilmContracts.net)
Video Tape Requisition (FilmContracts.net)
Wardrobe Request Form (FilmContracts.net)

Acknowledgement of Safety Guidelines (FilmContracts.net)
Acknowledgement of Safety Guidelines .doc (Imaginary Digital)
acknowledge saftey guidlines.DOT (Scene 17 Pictures)
Emergency Information .doc (Imaginary Digital)
Safety Awareness Meeting Attendance Form (FilmContracts.net)
Safety Hazard Report Form (FilmContracts.net)
Safety Inspection Form (FilmContracts.net)
Weekly Safety Meetings .doc (Imaginary Digital)

Art Department Prop & Flat Sign-Out (FilmContracts.net)
Art Department Tool Sign Out (FilmContracts.net)
Beeper Sign-Out Sheet (FilmContracts.net)
Walkie Sign Out .doc (Imaginary Digital)
WALKIE TALKIE SIGN OUT.doc (Scene 17 Pictures)
Walkie Talkie (Set Radio) Sign-Out Sheet (FilmContracts.net)

Daily Raw Stock Log (FilmContracts.net)
Daily Raw Stock Camera .doc (Imaginary Digital)
Film Stock Requisition (FilmContracts.net)
Raw Stock Inventory (FilmContracts.net)
Tape Log (FilmContracts.net)

Daily Stunt Performer Contract: Theatrical Motion Pictures (FilmContracts.net)
Daily Stunt Performer Contract: TV Motion Pictures or Videotape (FilmContracts.net)
Instructions Stunts Form Data (FilmContracts.net)
Minimum Freelance 3-Day Contract: TV Motion Pictures (FilmContracts.net)
Stunt Instructions (FilmContracts.net)
Stunt Performer’s Minimum Freelance Weekly Contract for Television Motion Picures or Videotapes (FilmContracts.net)
STUNT PLAYERS.doc (Scene 17 Pictures)
Stunt Performer’s Minimum Freelance Weekly Contract for Theatrical Motion Pictures (FilmContracts.net)
Stunts / Special Effects Release & Authorization (FilmContracts.net)

Travel Memo To Cast & Crew (FilmContracts.net)
TRAVEL MEMO TO CAST.doc (Scene 17 Pictures)
Travel MEMO.DOT (Scene 17 Pictures)
Travel movement.DOT (Scene 17 Pictures)
Travel Movement (FilmContracts.net)

Editing Log .pdf (Dependent Films)
Editoral Insurance Riders .doc (AICP)
Final Cast List – Microsoft Word .dot (NBFC)
Daily Editors Log .xls (Dependent Films)
Drive-To (FilmContracts.net)
Drive-To (FilmContracts.net)
Field Tape Log .pdf (Dependent Films)
Picture Lock Agreement (FilmContracts.net)
Producer’s Weekly Production Report (FilmContracts.net)
Script Sup Daily Editors Log .doc (Imaginary Digital)
VTR Log Sheet .doc (Imaginary Digital)

ADR Form (FilmContracts.net)
(artist’s wish list) (ISP Group Inc)
Band Booking Agreement (ISP Group Inc)
Exclusive Songwriter Agreement (ISP Group Inc)
Commercial Music Agreement (FilmContracts.net)
Distribution Of Master 1 (ISP Group Inc)
Film Synchronization Agreement (ISP Group Inc)
Foreign Agent Agreement 1 (ISP Group Inc)
Jingle Production Agreement (ISP Group Inc)
Lab Access Letter Template (Mark Litwak)
License for a Master Recording 1 (ISP Group Inc)
License for a Master Recording 2 (ISP Group Inc)
License for a Master Recording 2b (ISP Group Inc)
Management Agreement 2 (ISP Group Inc)
Mechanical License 1 (ISP Group Inc)
Mechanical License 2 (ISP Group Inc)
Music Cue Sheet .rtf (Sonnyboo)
Music Scoring Sign Off (FilmContracts.net)
Music Video Spec Sheet (ISP Group Inc)
Music Video Rider (ISP Group Inc)
Original Music Licensing Agreement (FilmContracts.net)
Radio Recording Release (ISP Group Inc)
Radio Performance Release (ISP Group Inc)
Receipt For A Master Recording (ISP Group Inc)
Recording Agreement 1 (ISP Group Inc)
Recording Agreement 2 (ISP Group Inc)
Recording Agreement 3 (ISP Group Inc)
Single Song Publishng 1 (ISP Group Inc)
Single Song Option (reversion) (ISP Group Inc)
Small Agency Agreement (ISP Group Inc)
Sound Contracting (ISP Group Inc)
Sound Report (FilmContracts.net)
Subpublishing 1 (ISP Group Inc)
Subpublishing 2 (ISP Group Inc)
Vanity Label Distrbution (ISP Group Inc)

Co-promotion Agreement (ISP Group Inc)
Credits .doc (Imaginary Digital)
Distribution Log .doc (Imaginary Digital)
Festival Booking Agreement (ISP Group Inc)
Producers Delivery List (Mark Litwak)
Producer’s Lien On A Master (ISP Group Inc)
Promo Release.DOT (Scene 17 Pictures)
Public Access Video Release (ISP Group Inc)
Publicist Agreement (ISP Group Inc)
Royalty Sharing Agreement (Publishing) (ISP Group Inc)
distribution list.DOT (Scene 17 Pictures)

AICP Bidform Long Form (AICP)
Film Icons .zip (Dependent Films)
Software Licensing Agreement (ISP Group Inc
Beta Testing Agreement (ISP Group Inc)
Software Distribution Agreement (ISP Group Inc)
Software Escrow Agreement (ISP Group Inc)
Sponsorship 1 (tour) (ISP Group Inc)
Sponsorship 2 (event) (ISP Group Inc)
Legal Agreements (ISP Group Inc)




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