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Looking for ideas for a short film? My Log Lines

Log lines for all of my short film scripts, with links to more details about each short film screenplay. In gory detail, here’s what you get when you buy the book 26 Short Screenplays for Independent Filmmakers! :) If you want a read a sample or preview before you buy the book, download my free short film scripts. Amazon.com also lets you preview any page in the book.

Ideas for a short film: More funny

A screenwriter explains his newest idea to his or her shrink – a TV game show. Both become consumed in the game world. Comedy short film script screenplay

An expert narrator informs the audience very seriously about something ridiculous, illustrated by skits carried out by a small troupe. “PGS”, a mock Public Service Announcement

This documentary-style short film follows a Christmas tree salesman through the mean-spiritedness which all too often accompanies Christmas holiday shopping. Mockumentary short film script screenplay

This documentary-style ensemble piece features a group of writers who also enjoy gambling. They have invented a game called Storytelling Poker. Follow them and their stories through the course of a game. Winner take all? Documentary style Improvisation short film script screenplay

Two people in a retail establishment–a customer and an employee working the cash register–find themselves competing to see who will have the last word. This dialogue consists of short phrases and even single words, ready for the actors, director, and editor to shape into a rapid-fire, bantering rhythm. “The Last Word”

Part of what makes comic dialogue effective is the actors’ ability to say the most absurd things with a completely serious face. And nothing is more absurd than an adolescent male obsessed with a pop starlet. In this dialogue driven short film, the actors get to say ridiculous things. A skilled production designer also has room to show off, if that is your goal. “The Kelli Badgett Fan Club”

Something exciting comes from pairing two very different-looking people together onscreen. The energy between the actors can be more than the sum of its parts. In this comedic showcase of two talented actors, lessons in salesmanship pass between and older and a younger character. The script also contains a musical montage of actual selling and hustle. This could be filmed in a documentary style, with the actors approaching people on the street who aren’t involved with the production.  “Bright Future in Sales”

A new student is shown around the high school by an existing student, while the school’s social hierarchy is explained. The entire short film is done in one long single take. Not just an academic or technical exercise, this is a fun story for low budget filmmaking. Long Single Take script screenplay

A kid/dinosaur learns the hard way that authority figures have a difficult time with his dinosaur persona. And then a strong female character makes the world better place without a single roar. Animated, stop motion, or live action comedy script screenplay

 A newly single guy (adolescent, or adolescent at heart) has an announcement for the eligible women of the world. This one actor story can be shot in one take with a talented actor and a webcam. “The Rules of the Game” monologue screenplay

A shy, awkward, nerdy guy and a manic Pixie Girl discuss the internet, video games, and how to meet attractive women. What could possibly go wrong with that? Romantic Comedy meet-cute script screenplay “The Pixie Girl League”

A talented actress gets to be funny, angry, frantic, and dramatic. She gets to speak in several different accents. She can roller skate, if she wants. And she gets to cry. All within the span of ten minutes. Comedy Short Film Screenplay to Showcase a Talented Actress

Two people meet for breakfast. Their disagreements include murder, fundamentalism, stereotypes, etiquette, and vegetarians. Dining Scene short film script screenplay  ”Eat Your Vegetables”

Some of history’s best cinematic moments are silent images that evoke excitement, awe, and joy. Others depict etiquette in a men’s restroom. Silent short film script screenplay “Pee Shy” 

We follow a young woman’s life through her anger management issues and love of art as a starving young writer enters her life. Romantic Comedy Montage short film screenplay – “Ten Pages About You” 

This short film will help exorcise those “making a film about coming up with ideas for making a film” demons. Contains zombies, aliens, and a coffee shop. Meta Comedy Short Film screenplay – working title “Untitled”

A legendary film director dies, leaving behind a fabled, never-before-heard audio commentary track. Four intrepid adventurers race against time and each other, willing to go to all extremes to claim the director’s secrets. Elements of Action, Adventure, Suspense, Comedy, and fun! “Process Junkies” movie trailer

Ideas for a short film: More serious

An aging rock musician confronts a mysterious girl from his past who reappears after years of silence. A character study of unconventional choices. Dramatic short film (party scene) script screenplay 

This monologue of reminiscence calls for location shoots with multiple actors, but can be modified to work with a mix of voice-over narration, still images, b-roll and/or found footage. This short film could also be considered a montage with a narrator. Could be enacted with male or female lead. “Remembering Jaime” screenplay script

Set in outer space, this film is about isolation and loneliness and being separated from the world.  Science fiction short film script screenplay

The owner of a haunted house wants to improve her home’s resale value, and strikes a deal with an agency representative of some Ghost Eaters to clear it of supernatural residents. The deal ends badly for the homeowner. Horror short film screenplay script “Ghost Eaters”

Prom night is ruined by a horde of zombies. Amid destruction and chaos, one woman arises to rule them all. Schlock Horror Movie Trailer with Zombies (“Zombie Prom Queen”)

A crazy man, who might also be a genius, goes berserk. Gross stuff ensues. Exploitation Movie Trailer (“Chop Dem Heds”)

Ideas for a short film: Could be funny, serious, or both

In this party scene, a roomful of people compete for the attention of a successful, late-arriving VIP. How will the presence (or perception) of power change other people’s actions and options – for an hour, an evening, or indefinitely?  Depending on how you film it, may be funny and warm, cold and absurd, formal and complex, farcical, vaguely tense, or outright terrifying. Physical comedy and even stunts could be added without straining the story. Party scene, dialogue driven script screenplay

This story gives you untrustworthy people working together who are also not the brightest. Includes guns, guards, hostages, police, ambition, and fun. With all the expensive elements removed or easily removable. Elements of Action, Adventure, Suspense, Comedy, Romantic Comedy, and fun! Bank Robbery (Heist) short film script screenplay

Two teenagers run for their lives after egging the wrong car. Car Chase (Action Sequence) short film screenplay

A satirical tale of consumer marketing and scientific testing. Focus groups will never be quite the same. Satire short film screenplay “Scenario Planning”

A man dies, only to discover that he has the chance to relive his entire life all over again. What will he choose? High Concept short film screenplay script

This short film screenplay showcases a talented actor whose clueless character just can’t seem to make a good decision. Showcase a Talented Actor in this Short Film Screenplay: “The Sitter”

Happy filmmaking!


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