Nilai Budaya dan Ekonomi dalam Film

The film sector is part of the very broad, often loosely defined, creative sector. Whilst the creative sector represents a relatively fast growth sector of the economy (certainly in the UK), film, along with other creative art forms, also occupies an important place in cultural life.

To begin our course let’s think about film’s importance as both a cultural and a commercial activity, and how it compares in this respect with other activities in the creative or cultural sector.

In the diagram above the examples of different types of creative activities are listed to the right of the ‘target’. The centre of the target represents the least commercial activity. As you move outwards the concentric circles represent increasingly commercial activities. Your task in this step is to decide where on the target to locate the industries listed on the right hand side. Note down your thoughts and then share them with other learners in the discussion below.

Here are some questions you might reflect on during this exercise:

● Do you think film is primarily a cultural artefact?

● Do you think film is primarily a commercial proposition?

● Do you think film should be both?

● How does film compare to other creative activities in this regard?

Why don’t you also use this task as an opportunity to introduce yourself and share your opinions?